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The Fairfax County Planning Commission passed a motion on April 3rd, 2013 that essentially permits the development of Monticello Park to move forward in accordance with proposals contained in the FCPA Monticello Park Master Plan. The Park Authority bond (passed by the voters in November 2012) has allocated about $1.5M for the development of Monticello Park. Besides an open area, playground, running track and expanded parking, Monticello Park will have two key features that do not exist in any other Braddock District parks – an Off Leash Dog Area (OLDA) also known simply as a dog park, and a skate spot, which should not be confused with a skate park. Monticello Park is on the dividing line between both Lake Braddock and Robinson secondary schools.

Braddock District does not have a dog park. Previous efforts to locate a dog park in Braddock District (Danbury Forest) were not successful. A group of Braddock District residents have gotten together and established “Braddock Dogs” as a community organization to address dog park needs in all of the Braddock District. Monticello Park will be the first dog park for both Braddock Dogs, and the Braddock District.

The attached flyer from Braddock Dogs may be of interest – if you want to know more about them and their involvement with Monticello Park.

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