Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

For those who were unable to attend the February 7th Community Meeting the KPCA is providing a brief summary of what was presented and discussed at the meeting.

We are trying to bring speakers and topics of current interest to the residents - knowing that with current lifestyles and busy schedules often take precedence.

So here is what you missed  . . .

Our Guest Speaker

MPO Michael Stewart, Crime Prevention Officer, West Springfield Police District. His topics included:

  • Unwanted telephone calls (aka robocalls) and how to deal with "Telephone calls from the IRS" - (hand-outs were available)

  •  Dealing with Solicitors - know what the rules are and how to deal with unregistered solicitors. (hand-out)

  • Answered concerns about neighborhood speeders and STOP sign runners

  •  Unlocked cars - leaving our cars unlocked is inviting trouble. Unlocked cars are the target - thieves don’t touch locked cars.

  • The value of neighborhood watch. Most incidents of vehicle tampering, break-ins, and questionable activity is in neighborhoods that do not have an active Neighborhood Watch program. We are fortunate to have a very active Neighborhood Watch program in Kings Park.

KPCA Potluck Dinner

If there is interest in reactivating the Pot Luck Dinner Event we need residents to come forward showing their support and a willingness to work on plans for another Kings Park Potluck Dinner. Many volunteers are needed to organize and execute the event.

Annual KPCA Clean-up day

A reminder that the Annual KPCA Clean-up day (County trash truck at Kings Park Park) will take place on a Saturday in May - (more information in the Gazette when date is confirmed)

Other KPCA sponsored events and activities 

  • Senior Luncheon  (KPCA members only) is scheduled for May 22 (details in next issue of the Gazette)

  • The traditional July 4th Parade and Picnic is in the planning stage. We can always use volunteer help to make this a notable community event.

  • KPCA Oktoberfest 2019 also in the planning stage (watch for date and more information in the SUMMER edition of the Gazette).

KPCA Board is soliciting ideas and suggestions for additional 'community events' - considering an early spring Saturday afternoon event in the Park with a possible theme of "Why I like to live in Kings Park!" What kind of activities would be of interest to stay-at-home parents that would include younger children. Suggestions have included a 'Moms Night Out', 'Playtime in the Park', etc.

Membership - Many new families in Kings Park and their membership is very welcome. Recent 'reminders posted on NextDoor and the Kings park Facebook page has been very successful - so far!  Membership form and instructions are on the Kings park web page PayPal is accepted.

"Safety Day"  - We have a proposal in the works for a KPCA "Safety Day"! The concept is to be a show-and-tell event involving Fire, Police, EMS, and CERT to bring safety and emergency capabilities to the residents - probably a lot of things you may not be aware of until a real sition arises! . Hope to provide an introduction to the "File of Life" and "Yellow Tag" programs by the Fire Department; information about Bicycle and Trails programs; .... anything that would be of benefit to a healthy life-style and make Kings Park a safer and more enjoyable place to live.

Next KPCA Community Meeting will be on March 21st - the topic is going to address preparing for landscape for Spring. Our Guest Speaker is Jon Runger, from New Earth Landscaping.