Meeting Minutes

Meeting from KPCA Community Meeting - March 21, 2019

For those who were unable to attend the March 21 Community Meeting the KPCA is providing a brief summary of what was presented and discussed at the meeting.

We are trying to bring speakers and topics of current interest to the residents - knowing that with current lifestyles and busy schedules often take precedence.

So here is what you missed  . . .


Meeting called to order at 7:30.
Jim Sobecke, Ken Comer, Terry Boschert, Susan Metcalf, Susan Malmberg, and Eric Werlinger of the KPCA Board were in attendance.

  1. Presentation by Jon Runger: Jon Runger from New Earth Landscaping gave a presentation about spring lawn care, tree care, and gardening tips.
  2. Digitizing the Gazette: Discussion brought up on Nextdoor regarding a digital version of the Gazette in lieu of a printed copy.  We did some research, and the folks on Facebook and Nextdoor do not account for a substantial part of our residents.  Most folks the Board has talked to who are actually KPCA members do not want to drop the physical Gazette.  Digital copies are also available on the web page.  Decision made to keep the physical Gazette.
  3. KPCA Facebook Group: As a related subject, there was discussion of whether we want a KPCA only Facebook group.  General positive reaction.  Will be discussed in next executive session.
  4. May Board Meetings: We will elect officers for the new year at our next community meeting. Terry reviewed the requirements from the bylaws.  We will put out a call for candidates shortly.
  5. Clean Up Day: Discussion of charging to pull things out of the basement. Board says no.  No longer pulling items out of the basement.  Put it on the curb or the poarch.
  6. Senior Luncheon: Will take place on May 22nd.
  7. July 4th Picnic: Discussion of hiring police for the road permit. It cost about $250 to hire, but we will continue to do it because of the popularity of the event.
  8. Stop Sign at Clydesdale and Southampton: Discussion of the recent hit-and-run accident at Clydesdale and Southampton. Several residents questioned whether there needs to be a stop sign at the intersection.  Jim and Terry pointed out that a push has previously been made with the state, which failed.  Eric pointed out that there may well be a number of reasons why a stop sign at the intersection is imprudent.  The Board will discuss the matter during the next executive session, but residents are reminded that they may petition local officials and VDOT for the stop sign on their own.
  9. Neighborhood Update: Updates provided on the Rolling Road House and the Yorkshire house.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.