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Why Join Kings Park Civic Association?
Why should I pay annual membership dues to be a Member of the Kings Park Civic Association? The association, made up entirely of Kings Park residents volunteering their time, uses your money to maintain and beautify the community, to help keep it safe, to serve as intermediary with the county government, and to bring our residents closer together with sponsored community events.

Specifically, your contribution to our civic association results in:

  • Publishing and delivering the Gazette newsletter bimonthly to every resident
  • Publishing and delivering the Directory annually to paid members
  • Overseeing the neighborhood watch program that patrols our streets
  • Maintaining common grass areas with mowing, fertilizing and leaf removal
  • Updating the message sign at the community entrances
  • Maintaining the landscaping at the Braddock Road entrances
  • Coordinating the annual 4th of July parade / picnic / concert in Kings Park Park
  • Organizing a picnic in the park
  • Putting on a night of dancing and desserts for volunteer appreciation night
  • Advertising and coordinating the annual community yard sale
  • Putting on the annual senior luncheon
  • Maintaining the community website
  • Arranging for a Spring clean-up day for members
  • Recognizing the best landscaping in the neighborhood
  • Recognizing the best holiday decoration in the neighborhood

It’s no accident that Kings Park is a great place to live. Our community is well situated being close to the Beltway and to major thoroughfares like Braddock Road, Old Keene Mill Road, and the Fairfax County Parkway. Kings Park has its own shopping center with four others within about 2 miles, its own library, and an office park with many medical offices. Kings Park is also a physically beautiful community as we have a wide variety of large trees and many homeowners that take pride in their properties. We have families that were original (1962) residents but also many young families with small children so there is a good generation mix. Kings Park has 2 elementary schools (K-3 and 4-6) and is close to Lake Braddock Secondary School (7-12.) Within our boundaries we have a community park and privately-owned swimming pool that residents may join.

Our active civic association is made up of motivated neighbors. We need residents to become members of the KPCA in order to keep the benefits listed above financed. Our annual dues are small compared to other communities because of the large number of homes. Please keep our neighborhood a vibrant and safe place to live!

Membership Committee
Your Membership Committee consists of the following neighbors of yours:
Marie Cullerton
If I can be of any help to you please give me a call.