Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch is a volunteer citizen program of mutual assistance among neighbors to reduce crime in Kings Park at the grass-roots level. It involves getting to know your neighbors, being alert to the potential for crime, and looking out for each other’s interest.

But the Neighborhood Watch cannot see everything. Your eyes and ears are also needed. Do not wait to contact police when you observe crime in progress or suspicious events. Do not assume someone else will make the call. The police will not consider you a bother. The police will need the following information from you:

  • What happened
  • When
  • Where (address or street names, e.g. Victoria between Grantham and Kings Park)
  • Is anyone hurt
  • License numbers and vehicle descriptions
  • Direction of travel
  • Description of suspect(s)
  • If there were weapons involved

Use the emergency number 911 for crimes in progress, life-threatening events, or crime immediately resulting in property damage

Use the non-emergency number (703) 691-2131 for crimes already committed, suspect no longer in the area, or suspicious activity that you observed. You can also report this type of activity online here.

Neighborhood Watch is designed to prevent, detect, and report crimes. Enforcement action is always left to the police department. Thanks for helping your neighbors.

Terry Boschert,, 703-425-3478
Coordinators, Kings Park Neighborhood Watch


Thank you for volunteering for Kings Park Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch training is highly recommended. Fairfax County Police conduct the training sessions.


We have an active Neighborhood Watch program in our community, but can always use more help. Specifically, one of our dispatchers recently moved, so we are in need of a replacement. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact Terry Boschert at 703.425.3478 or


For emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies, dial 703.691.2131 or visit here to report via the Citizen Reporting System.

For general information on the Neighborhood Watch program in Fairfax County, click here.